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Thank you for visiting the Master of Finance Degrees website.

Our mission is to provide prospective master of finance students with high-quality, well-researched resources as an aid in the process of making a decision about which program to choose, and how to position themselves for the greatest levels of success in their career endeavors.

The site explores what a Master of Finance Degree is, what career options are available to those who graduate with this degree from one of the top schools we describe, and what kind of monetary compensation someone holding this degree can expect.  We hope you find the information within this guide to be useful in planning your career.

Some fast facts about this field:

  • In 2012, the media annual pay for Financial Managers was $109,740. Approximately 532,100 were employed.
  • Master of Finance degree programs are similar to other master’s degree programs in that the majority of them are two years in duration. Non-traditional programs, such as evening, weekend, and online programs, are increasingly common.
  • Also increasingly common are MBA in Finance programs, which differ in that they focus more heavily on business management.

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